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Welcome to Desire Escort Agency

Desire Escorts is an escort agency operating in London & Greater London areas open 8 p.m - 5 a.m. We provide the most beautiful and professional escorts around due to a stupendous interest peak in Escorts. Desire Escorts are here to ensure that a top-tier companionship service is provided to all of our clients. Our escorts are the perfect companion for any man looking for a night to remember. Visit our blog to keep up to date with all the latest news regarding our companions.

Our prices start from £110 .In Greater London area we also request travel charge ( 10-30£) and we cater to a wide range of gentlemen in the surounding areas. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to escorts so if you give us a call our friendly, tactful and professional members of staff will discreetly guide you through your booking process and bring you a step closer to the woman of your dreams.

What does ''VERIFIED'' means next to our escorts names ?

When you see the “Verified” icon on a Credly member’s badge or profile, it means that Credly has completed a verification process to indicate that the account belongs to the person or organization represented.

What ''Selfie '' Badge means?

Selfie Badge on our website means that the escort gallery has also  selfie photos.

NO nasty surprises at your door.

Some girls also have videos on their gallery.Check today 

About Desire

London Escorts If you’re looking for London escorts you’ve come to the right place. Packed with diversity, our escorts are ready to meet your every desire. Whether you are looking for a pretty petite blonde or a busty brunette escorting adventure. With us, your guaranteed an amazing escort experience. We are proud to host some of the most glamorous escort girls in the city. We have something for every gentleman and escort ladies really know just how to treat every gentleman they meet.

Desire escorts offers a choice of escorts in London for you to chose from, each of them is of the highest quality that you could ever dream of. All of our escort girls work in the most professional of manners, none of them are clock watchers and what they care about the most is the enjoyment of their clients. Never failing to ensure that you are always satisfied to the extremes.This is why when you book your London escorts from us you are going to get everything that you desire and much more besides. No matter how much you have been looking for an escort in London, we can assure you that you are going to find the very best of them all right here at Desire escorts.


We know there are plenty of escort services in London to choose from, but why should you go with Desire? There are several key reasons we are better than our competitors, and why no independent escort can match the women available with us:

A large gallery of unique girls. Some of the escorts at Desire’s can be found at other agencies, most of them cannot! Our escorts love working with us and prefer to stay with our agency.

Competitive rates with full agency support. No other agency manages to successfully provide outcalls around London at our prices. Try booking an escort from another agency for £100 an hour, we can guarantee you won’t get the support or customer service delivered by us.

Short notice arrangements 24/7. Is it 4 o’clock in the morning and you need a late night companion to join you? You can always find a few of our escorts around in the early hours of the morning.

Full coverage of London and surrounding areas. We even cater to national escort encounters with our trusted clientele.

Escort Fees

Escort fees are non-negotiable please do not try to lower the price with your chosen companion. All fees will be taken at the start of your booking.Our ladies have been asked to count fees at the start of your booking so please respect this when it takes place. If you need to cancel your appointment this is not a problem, however, we ask that you inform the agency as soon as you can. If your companion arrives & then you decide to cancel you will be liable to pay the agency a £60 cancelation fee.


You need never worry about discretion with our cheap escort models. Just because they’re cheap, it doesn’t mean they’re unprofessional in any way at all. And you’ll only ever get absolute discretion from professional escorts. This is well worth emphasising here. We have heard tales of indiscreet young escorts, who have no-one to answer to, and the stories aren’t pleasant at all.When you book through a London escort agency, you can count on the level of discretion being high. This is simply because if a girl was ever indiscreet, she’d be dropped from the agency listing as quickly as possible.

No agency in the London area wants that kind of nonsense. Thankfully these girls are very few and far between, and you’ll never get it from our agency; or in all fairness, any agency worth their salt in the London area. What it means to be discreet is different for each person of course, but we’ll give you our idea. We list only girls who can come to your home or hotel without any fuss at all. They won’t be dressed conspicuously if you don’t want them to be, and they will do their utmost to not draw attention to themselves. Obviously if they’re meeting you in a restaurant, you’re going to want them to look nice, and it’s nearly impossible for people not to notice them! Another thing is that once they’ve fulfilled your booking, they won’t share your details with anyone, and our escort agency will never share it either.

You will have no contact from us until the next time you want to book. And we’re confident that there will indeed be a next time! Discretion is the name of the game when it comes to all our escorts featured on this site. You can arrange to meet the girls for an outcall . The call is yours. Imagine having a classy babe by your side even as you go round the city for sightseeing and dining. You will be the envy of every man (and women too) as you explore this magical city.






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    I had the pleasure to spend some great time with her, she is genuine and real. She made me feel like the best time i had ever had. I strongly recommend Julia if you're visiting London.

    Made by Mark - 9th Nov 2018
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    This girl is amazing. Sexy. real photos and real pleasure.

    Made by Gordon - 8th Nov 2018
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    Perfect date with this lady :)
    Loved it! Gorgeous and a little princess.
    See you soon my baby
    Made by Paolo - 4th Nov 2018
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    Super hot baby. Wonderful. Looking forward to meet you again Roxy

    Made by Darwin - 1st Nov 2018
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    Alexa is beautiful sexy lady with big soft breasts. I've spent 2h with her and it was amazing! She did everything that we talked about and can't wait to see her again.Recommended

    Made by Rohit - 31st Oct 2018
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    Cheap London Escorts Provide Service with a Smile

    11th Nov 2018

    Booking a beautiful girl to spend time with you while in London doesn’t have to break the bank. Cheap London Escorts are plenty when going through this reputable agency. Providing service with a smile and a hot body is their specialty and you will not be disappointed in the level of quality care that they give. They do so at extremely affordable rates. You can book a beautiful girl for as low as cab fare and £110 an hour to start.

    Whether you want to attend an event with smoking hot arm candy to make you the envy of all of those around you, if you want to have a nice dinner with a date, or even spend the night at home or hotel with seductive companionship, the choice is yours. The first step is picking a girl and booking her. After that, bliss.

    Friendly Companions Keep You Company in London

    11th Nov 2018

    It’s nice to have company while traveling and even better when your companion is a smoking hot woman who will do everything she can to make sure that you have a fantastic time. If you bring along a girl from home, you will not only be covering her travel expenses, but you will also have to do the things she wants to do and possibly not even get any sex afterwards because she is too tired. Time and money is wasted and she may not even be appreciative. You would be doing yourself a huge favor by just going with an Escort in London instead.

    Classy and able to keep your confidence, these sultry vixens will happily follow your plans and keep you company without any nagging. Whether you want to sight see or test out the hotel bed, a friendly escort is ready to accommodate your every wish and for far less than you’d spend on bringing a girlfriend.

    Paid Companions are a Cheap Luxury

    11th Nov 2018

    In London, paid companions are a cheap luxury. There are numerous escort agencies and beautiful women available to be booked. With so much competition, top ranking agencies like Heathrow Escort Services, use cheap rates to stay competitive. They work with only top notch, model quality vixens, so customers are very happy with everything from price to performance.

    You can choose to hire one of their Heathrow Airport escorts to keep you entertained during a long layover or canceled flight. Or you could schedule an encounter with one of their Wandsworth escorts at your hotel suite or an event you need to attend. The agency has gorgeous girls all over London that are available for outcall appointments and they strive to get them to you within an hour of booking. However, you can also schedule in advance to be sure that the babe you want is available and reserves that time just for you.


    4th Nov 2018

    Here’s How To Get Over A Broken Heart
    #1: Cold Turkey
    I feel VERY strongly about this. Once the breakup is final, and all the necessary details that come with it are dealt with, its time to cut ties. No texting, no calling, no midnight booty calls or breakup sex. Get him off your social media. You can try to argue with me on this point but NO YOU CANNOT BE FRIENDS. I’m sorry, but its the cold hard truth. Eventually, yes, you made be able to be friends, but ask yourself this: Could you truly and honestly be happy for him if he is with someone else? Be honest here. If the answer is anything but yes, then you cannot be friends.

    #2: Feel the Pain
    I fail miserably on this one. I hate feeling down, so I push myself to just move on – without allowing myself to just be sad and feel my feelings. Give yourself some time to just be sad. I think its really important to the healing process. Because I always end up skipping this step, I think getting over heartbreak takes me a lot longer than I should, because issues pop up later that I haven’t dealt with.

    #3: Make the Decision
    Okay, now that you’ve been sad for a bit, get your ass up off the couch and GO DO SOMETHING. Not only does this mean going out with friends, visiting family, and taking care of yourself, but you also need to get there mentally. Change your attitude. Good things are going to come your way. Your last relationship wasn’t meant to be, which means there is something better out there for you. Trust me. Get happy. Whatever this means for you, but I suggest adopting a “say yes policy”. Say yes when people ask you to do things, even if you don’t feel like it (within reason of course). Maybe you don’t feel ike going out or socializing, but you just never know what opportunities might arise from that situation.

    #4: CLOSURE
    This is the necessary last step. It is unique to each individual situation how it might take shape. And it might take a long, long time to get there. You can’t get here until all the other steps are complete and you are truly content with yourself and how the situation turned out. And this is when you get to say goodbye and close the door.

    In my most devastating breakup, it took me four years to get there (read about it on my blog). I hadn’t seen him since we broke up (after 8 years) and four years later, I finally faced him, hugged him, and said how great it was to see him. And closed the door. And it felt great. I know I’ve finally let go of any remaining baggage from that heartbreak, and I’m truly ready for my next relationship.

    What do you think? Have I got it right? Or do you have any other suggestions for getting over the love of your life?

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