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 Out: 130£ 



Betty - Incall

 Incall In Marble Arch | W2 2QU 

 In: 200£ / Out: 250£ 





 Out: 130£ 



Karina - Incall

 Incall in Bayswater | W2 5HP 

 In: 150£ / Out: 200£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 150£ 





 Out: 130£ 



Carla - Incall

 Incall in Sloane Square | SW3 2SA 

 In: 200£ / Out: 250£ 





 Out: 150£ 



Allyah - Incall

 Incall in South Kensington | SW5 0LT 

 In: 250£ / Out: 300£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 150£ 





 Out: 130£ 




 Incall in Bayswater | W2 3AN 

 In: 200£ / Out: 250£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 





 Out: 130£ 



Cora - Incall

 W1H | Marble Arch 

 In: 200£ / Out: 250£ 





 Out: 130£ 





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    Ruby was a perfect choice for a perfect overnight . I asked the agency to suggest a girl for overnight , and Ruby seemed just right for me. I was expecting a decent service, but gorgeous Ruby delivered even more. My anxiety disappeared quickly after a nice chat with her. She knew to relax me and make me feel comfortable. When the date was over I was feeling like we know each other for a long time. Definitely booking her again, and it will be for a romantic dinner with special dessert :)

    PS: Payed upfront at the agency a large sum... highly recommended . Trust worthy agency will book again

    Made by Craig - 25th Jul 2021
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    I have booked three girls from this agency for me and my friends and the agency asked for a deposit upfront and pay the difference at arrival. I sended and happy with what i received . They are really professional and trust worthy i will book again.
    Made by Callum - 18th Jul 2021
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    I have booked three girls from this agency for me and my friends and the agency asked for a deposit upfront and pay the difference at arrival. I sended and happy with what i received . They are really professional and trust worthy i will book again.
    Made by Callum - 18th Jul 2021
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    Savannah looked just like her photos and it was a very good time right from the start. Felt really good around her, and that meant when we started to neck on the couch, we were both really into it. When we got to her bedroom we practically ripped our clothes off and got into a sexy sixty nine and after that it was easy to slip my cock into her wet pussy. Loved how Savannah moaned when I really started to get to it. Such a sexy night.

    Made by BallandBiscuit - 3rd Jul 2021
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    Seriously! The best-est sex I have ever had hands down, and all because I’m a bit of a weirdo who likes hot feet. Who would have thought? Alma also had a nice lips and mouth, her oral skills are beyond imaginable… I'm giving her too much praises, see for yourself XD

    Made by Ben - 1st Jul 2021
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  • Blog

    You Need to Know before Hiring an Escorts

    23rd Jun 2021

    Most people hire escorts from agencies that offer such services to clients. If you decide to hire escorts from an agency you will get several benefits. The good thing about hiring escorts from agencies is that they are screened for quality and not any of the escorts is accepted. Therefore, you can be assured of having a great experience with them. It is also good to take great care as you select the escort agencies.

    Independent escort

    There are many escorts who work independently and do not work with an agency. Most of them do this, so that they can earn more from the clients. It is good to note that most of the independent escorts are smarter and more intelligent. A high number of them will provide high quality services, own their websites where they promote their personal escort services. They are better because they are more flexible than those working under agencies and can tweak their services if you pay more.
    Independent escorts might be a bad thing aswell . We have had many reports from clients that they have met with independent escorts and girls stole money and expensive items from the clients house. At the end of the day an escort agency is better than a independent escort...safer aswell. Girls are verified .

    The escort must be above legal age

    Hiring an escort who is below 18 years of age is, therefore illegal. Therefore, ensure that you do not hire an escort who is underage to avoid conflict with law enforcement services.

    Verify their medical agencies

    It is important to verify medical details of any escort you hire. This will help you avoid any health problem when you come into contact with the escorts or have sex with them. Genuine independent escort will carry copy of their medical records with them. It is important that you do not skip this step.

    Utilizing the services of escorts, or friends for the night, is not new in our social order; point of fact, it has been around for many years from diverse extraordinary human advancements. In spite of its long history, not a lot has been changed on the desires and services offered by escorts.

    Escorts are known to be exceptionally quiet and tolerant with their customer, however like whatever available escorts on the planet, they can have their breaking points. As people, they merit each generosity and admiration, so when you need to delight in the organization and get the best conceivable services, you might as well never be deigning or rude to your escorts. Be an accurate respectable man and show empathy and behavior that you’re deserving of her opportunity. Nothing turns on ladies more than great and sweet demeanor.

    Escort services is a business, and escorts get paid by their offices through you. They utilize this cash to pay their bills, purchase perishables, and so forth. Requesting a freebie is the most unjustifiable thing to do to an escort. Regardless of the possibility that you’re the most blazing and handsomest man nearby, don’t squander your escort’s opportunity and pay the concurred cost.

    Tags: escort business, escorts, escorts agency, hire an escort, hiring an escort, illegal, independent escorts, legal age, medical details, services offered by escorts

    Complete Guide To Become an Professional Elite Escort

    23rd Jun 2021

    A courtesan or high-end escort is a professional companion who caters for refined gentlemen, seeking far more than a pretty face or someone to bed . Choosing to become an escort is something that requires a lot of thought and preparation. Once you’ve decided this is something you’d like to do, the process of actually becoming an escort can seem pretty daunting.

    As with most new business ventures, you may have to be in this for a while before you really start to make good money with it. Many people assume becoming an escort is an easy way to make fast money – but it can be a process to get started and finding clients (even through an agency) can take time.

    Not only that, but escorts need to be good at what they do. A companion or escort needs to excel at morphing into whatever the client needs them to be, whether it be a one-off date to an event or someone with whom they can create a deeper, more intimate bond with over several sessions.

    While on the fringe of the ‘adult industry’ as it were, the elite courtesan and travel companion is not promoted via tasteless and demeaning photos of herself in various states of undress, or marketing of her physical attributes only.

    She is promoted to the gentlemen seeking a ‘real woman’, a fresh and authentic young lady for whom escorting is not her full-time career.

    She is a true companion, providing emotional intimacy, mental stimulation, and psychological support. Sure, she looks great in a bikini, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She will not be pigeon-holed as a sex-object, nor spend time with those who regard her as such.

    A high class escort model creates a very deep and special connection with her gentleman friends, as opposed to providing a ‘service’ and promptly forgetting him as she moves on to the next. She meets fewer callers on a higher level, to retain her exclusivity and freshness.

    Which is exactly what these gentlemen seek and pay for. She is an authentic person, not a ‘worker’. And she only meets with equally sophisticated gentlemen, so as to expose herself exclusively to tasteful, mutually loving engagements. She is not a red-light girl, a prostitute or a blow-up doll.

    At the higher end of the industry, there are of course some conditions, as well as actions you need to take. Not every woman is suited to the elite world, and not every woman has what it takes to be an elite companion or travel escort.

    Escorting vs Prostitution – what’s the difference?
    An escort can also offer sexual activity as part of their various services or packages, but not always. Most of the time, an escort’s packages will include things more along the lines of intimacy, closeness, connection, friendship, etc. Really, you’re selling your time and your bond with the client, as an escort. When there is an exchange of sex in these services, it opens the escort up to prostitution charges if prostitution isn’t legal in their area.

    Is prostitution illegal?
    In many places, yes, prostitution is illegal – like in much of the United States, for example. However, in some places (like the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Austria, etc) prostitution is legal and often even regulated in some way.

    In order to find out if prostitution is legal in your area, you may need to do some research.

    Is being an escort illegal?
    This is a loaded question because it all comes down to how your country/state defines an escort. In California, for example, under law, an escort is different from a prostitute. An escort agrees to accompany a client to a social event or provide entertainment in exchange for money. This is considered a service.

    However, if that escort agrees to sexual conduct as part of those services, this could be considered prostitution and they could be charged with prostitution.

    Incall vs Outcall Escorts – what is the difference ?
    Incall escorting is when the escort receives clients who come to them. This can mean that the client comes to either the escort company or the escort’s home to receive services.

    Outcall escorting is when the escort goes to wherever the client is. This would have the escort meeting the client in their home or where they choose.

    Which should I choose? Well, that’s up to you. Some escorts prefer one of the other, only offering one type of service, whereas others like to be flexible and do both.

    There can be pros and cons to each. For example, with incall escorting, your clients may come to your home or agency and some people wish for more privacy than that. Whereas outcall escorting, you’re forced to go to someone else’s home or a hotel room which can make some people feel uncomfortable. Ultimately, you will need to decide for yourself what you are most comfortable doing.

    Brief Steps
    1. Read through this guide on what it takes to be an elite companion escort.

    2. Take the steps required to accomplish yourself to that level if required.

    3. Decide whether you wish to work independently or with an agency.

    4. Set up a website/ or research to find an acceptable agency with whom to work.

    5. Make a plan for all the money you are going to make and save. Don’t waste it by living the high life. Be smart.

    Things You Need To Have To Qualify as an Elite Escort
    1. Overall Look – First and foremost, obviously this is an industry based on image, much like the modeling industry. You need to be fresh-faced, classically beautiful, with a flawless complexion and pleasant features.

    And much like a model, you need to be a ‘blank canvas’, to be able to cater the client’s preferences to some degree. Tattoos are prohibited (if you want to cater for truly high end callers), and your hairstyle needs to be mainstream and suited to you.

    Lavender or pink hair is all well and good in your own life, but not for work. 😉 So facially and surface-image wise, you need to be a classic beauty. If you would not be hired by a commercial model agency, and have not been told ‘you’re so beautiful’ all your life, then you may not be suited to a courtesanship.

    While conservative cosmetic surgery can change that, too much work can ruin your look, so any over-done work, fillers, botox etc. need to be avoided. Natural beauty is imperative.

    2. Physique & Lifestyle – Continuing on from the first point, you need to be physically exceptional. This is not to say there is any one type of shape or height that works, but that whatever your shape or height, you need to be in phenomenal physical condition.

    Whether you have an hourglass shape, or a supermodel stature, or the androgynous look of a ballerina – you need to be exceptionally fit. You are working at an elite level – like a top model, an elite athlete or an accomplished actress.

    You need to be eating very, very carefully, (not restricting calories, eating lots of good real food: fruits, veges and salads) – and working out religiously every day (not crazily, just consistently.) There is no place for eating disorders, a lazy lifestyle, a nonchalant approach to your health, regular ‘partying’, or fluctuating body size. You are exceptional, you are a queen. Attend to yourself as such.

    You must behave and take care of yourself like you’re of value. Because you are. There’s only one if You, and that’s pretty rare and special. Again, some minor surgery to smooth some little bumps or balance things aesthetically can assist if done conservatively. This is a personal choice, but should definitely not be over-done. An out-of-proportion bust, over-pouted lips, frozen features or scars from surgery are unacceptable.

    3. Education – There are two different types of education. While traditional schooling education, in general, is seen as rather bourgeois by the elite set, it is still something bowed to and considered a standard requirement, to prove one’s ability to commit to and achieve something in youth.

    While one is not supposed to allow one’s free mind and spirit to be re-shaped and boxed into the ‘university’ way of thinking, one is expected be able to show the ability to follow convention and spit out results that fit into the cookie-cutter expectations of the system.

    And then we have the more organic education of life – music, opera, theater, art, travel, conversation, interaction with other cultures etc. There is no university that can teach the soul to feel the passion evoked by Mozart. No college can teach the compassion and empathy that Botticelli inspires.

    No traditional schooling can create the height of emotion conjured by an opera or the excitement of being in a new city or location for the first time. A combination of these is required in a good companion. This requires a certain type of upbringing, to be exposed to this level of culture.

    4. Breeding and Personality – While the two don’t always go hand-in-hand, for a deluxe gfe escort, they must. Your background needs to include a ‘normal’ (i.e. mainstream, healthy) upbringing, sans drug or alcohol problems, abuse, poverty, etc – Not that any of these are anyone’s fault by any means, but this exposes one to an unhealthy environment that rarely leads to healthy behavior.

    One needs to have been brought up with a decent amount of protection, care, and a peaceful calm environment, with proper hygiene, manners and housing. One also needs to have been afforded the freedom to be oneself. Thus developing one’s natural personality, unmarred by oppression or duress. A light-hearted, tolerant, and curious nature is most successful in the elite companion arena.

    She is kind, gracious and dignified, even in unfortunate situations. She doesn’t speak unless it’s to say something beautiful wherever possible. Open minded and amicable personalities do best, where one is friendly with everyone, and easily strikes up interesting conversations with new people. Deportment is obviously a given; if she doesn’t know how to walk, sit, eat and conduct herself elegantly and properly, without airs and graces, she is not yet suited to be labeled ‘elite’.

    An empathy and compassion for fellow human beings is a must, in order to be able to attend to someone in this capacity, to create the required connection. Natural intelligence obviously goes without saying; possessed as an innate talent, as well as having been developed through excellent education, mentioned above. If you expect to walk into the date in designer clothing, have a lovely chat, give the gentleman a wonderful massage, lay down to have sex, then leave, you have entirely missed the point of the elite courtesan world.

    5. Talent – There’s no point having a great look and all this knowledge and personality, with no real talent or form of expression… You’d simply be a lovely, live ornament. A confident and accomplished courtesan is also well versed in some areas of sports and expression – the more the better. In Victorian times, a proper lady was not ‘marriage material’ or even courtesan material until she had mastered a list of things every ‘proper woman’ could do.

    This is not about making herself ‘worth’ anything – she is already enough. It is about investing in herself to add to her value. Obviously a woman with abilities is far more helpful and fascinating than one who requires being waited on constantly.

    Whether equestrian skills, skiing, tennis, playing a musical instrument, singing, dance talents, home decor, admin skills, cooking, an immense knowledge and experience in a particular area, an extensive knowledge of wines and spirits – the list is endless.

    An elite escort brings all this to her dates, and provides whatever is required to participate in her gentleman’s preferences. She is able to discuss his work and ideas for the future, and give genuine, intelligent feedback and advice during conversations. She knows when to be humorous and flirtatious, and when to be serious and understanding. She listens more than she speaks.

    She is able to perform at any event, function or situation he may require her to attend. She doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING – nothing is more engaging for a man than to be able to teach his paramour something. The ‘little damsel’ fantasy that most men are biologically attracted to. However, she needs to have basic knowledge, and be a quick learner.

    A lot of general knowledge and some specialty talents is a perfect balance. And if you are going to be intimate with anyone in your life, a date through the agency or in your own life, make it your business to be phenomenal. Research, practice techniques and be memorable, not a cold fish!

    6. Style – This is an important point, especially in today’s societal climate… Showing one’s shape is appealing. Showing flesh is common, trashy and unacceptable in high society. That’s just a fact. Outside of a swimming pool or purpose photo shoot, her image is protected. The courtesan wears a very understated, classic style – and she wears it well. Her aim is to be unobtrusive; elegant and understated, but never ever showy or ‘noticeable’ for the wrong reasons.

    She favors neutral and tasteful colors. She favors fitted pencil skirts worn below the knee, appropriate elegant footwear, jackets tailored to fit close at the waist, and scarves to protect her décolletage from environmental damage, and from prying eyes! (Other than those of her chosen lovers or paying clientele.)

    This woman is exceptionally selective for herself, though always polite and gracious, careful nit to offend anyone. Her self-respect does not compel her to seek validation by splashing her ‘wares’ to all and sundry. She knows she is a special woman, a queen, an exceptional individual inside and out.

    She protects herself appropriately, and presents herself in tasteful, appropriate fashions. Rather than wearing ‘the latest trends’, or flashy, gaudy outfits, she wears what is suited to her shape and her elegant style. Nightclub or ‘bodycon’ dresses are never, ever acceptable. Teetering on massive platform shoes, or oddly designed shoes is not exactly understated or classic. Large jangly jewelry, heavy perfume, heavy make up and very low-cut tops are never seen on a truly elite woman.

    7. Reliability and Integrity – If you aren’t able to do what you say, be where you say and deliver what you say, you are not suited to be an elite escort. You cannot make dates and not turn up. You cannot allow an agency to promote you then not be available.

    Wasting peoples’ time is extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. If you expect to be considered elite, promptness and trustworthiness are basic requirements of professionalism.

    A quality woman honors her word, and a courtesan is nothing if not completely honest, authentic and honorable when it comes to her reputation. She is the quintessential ‘cortigiana onesta‘ (the honest courtesan).

    Things To Do To Facilitate a High End Escort Career

    If you don’t have this privileged breeding and upbringing, at least attend deportment classes at a classic deportment school, established at least 50 years or more. Include elocution lessons – even if you feel you speak well, the concurrence that you speak beautifully from a professional orator is always a lovely confirmation!
    Go to see an image consultant to confirm your look and style is that of an elegant, well bred women. Get a second opinion…
    Have your hair and makeup done professionally – watch the makeup artist, and take classes on how to apply tasteful, elegant makeup. Not glamor makeup, but proper, natural looking, fresh-faced makeup. Anything you apply to yourself should always look like it is naturally yours. As such, massive long eyelashes are out of the question. However, tasteful eyelash extensions that look entirely natural can be acceptable. You need to look as good without make up as you do with makeup – so make sure your skin is immaculate underneath. (A very clean, plant-based diet and loads of water!)
    Take some classes in horse riding, tennis, skiing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving. Take up an art, learn a language. Learn to play piano or flute, cello or clarinet. Take a class or 12 on wine appreciation. Take a class on art history. Know something about classical music – who is your favorite composer? Why? What are his origins? How often do you actually listen to his pieces? Can you recognize which composer has composed a piece of music, if played to you..? Is it Verdi, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Mahler..? Were these artists all composing in the same era? Which ones lent their music to operas? What is the proper name for a song sung in an opera? – These are all basics you should know. Which is your favorite opera? Do you even really like opera? One generally loves it or doesn’t. How about ballet? Do you know the famous historical Prima Donnas? Do you have a favorite Ballet performance? Invest in yourself and in your cultural and historical knowledge. You cannot cater to gentlemen of this caliber without some exposure to and knowledge of high society.
    If your cultural knowledge extends to the latest reality shows and the latest celebrity gossip only, then you are far away from being able to perform at an elite courtesan escort capacity.

    Once you have bought yourself to an appropriate level of refinement, (and can hopefully pronounce it all in French or Italian lol!), now it’s time to decide whether you wish to work as an independent courtesan for yourself, or to work with an appropriate and professional high class escort agency. Herein can lies the difficulty. There are many pitfalls in both. But played properly, you can succeed in either:

    1. Independent– You are able to set your own hours, your own fee, and select your own clients directly. However, you have a lot of expense in setting up a professional image with a website and continued advertising. There is no security behind you, you will attract a ridiculous amount of cheap, time-wasting idiots, and negotiating fees can be extremely demeaning.

    Screening and going through all the sometimes distasteful inquiries can sometimes remove the lovely fresh innocence and femininity that a women has when she is kept exclusive to lovely gentlemen. However, you do have absolute control of your career with nobody to answer to. And if you’re a ‘tough’ type already, then you won’t be affected, and would be less successful in a selective agency. Keep in mind also that many agencies will not work with ladies who have worked independently in the past, depending in which country you operate.

    2. Agency – You have instant professional promotion and expensive marketing to benefit from – assuming they understand the concept of the courtesan. You can usually set our own fee to some degree, as long as the agency is agreeable. A good agency will allow you to select your clients also. Any escort agency forcing you to meet people you don’t want to meet is and agency to steer clear of.

    You have good security behind you with a quality agency, and all the screening is done professionally by the agency. You never have to see all the disgusting inquiries they filter out for you. A quality escort agency, somewhere really high end like models agency , will afford you some level of control over your promotion and image, and will offer full training for new people.

    But they will need to know your availability in order to properly promote you. Although, if you can’t be reliable enough to work with an agent, you might not be at the courtesan level anyway. Even as an independent, you need to be extremely organized, prompt and reliable.

    Final Verdict
    If you do decide to work with an agency, then you have the tedious task of sifting through the many thousands of websites set up by people trying to make money at all costs, and find the few quality, established organizations who exist solely to bring quality people together. The former will behave with underhanded practices, lie to clients, demand you meet people and do things you don’t want to, and potentially even refuse to pay you (for good honest work you have completed without complaints!) Try to avoid these, obviously… You want a professional agency operated by decent people. Not always easy to find.

    To find these agencies, do some thorough research. Once you’ve made a short list, the only way to truly test an agency is to work with them. See where they send you, how they treat you, what happens when it’s time to be paid. Don’t base your choice on how ‘busy’ you are. Being sent anywhere and everywhere is not a sign of success…

    The only way for an agency-staff situation to work is for both parties to be honest, transparent and respectful with mutual care for your safety, and the happiness of both yourself and the client. If either the agency or the companion is deceitful or untrue, there is no way to continue the beneficial arrangement comfortably.

    There are many more points to consider, but we’ll leave some of the discoveries to your own opinion and experience. 🙂 As long as you steer clear of agencies expecting you to be involved in taking, selling or transporting drugs, or those whose management wishes to ‘try you’ first (!!), or those who put pressure on you to meet with someone or do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing, then you may be okay.

    Be very careful, because a lot of agencies are set up by ex-clients or ex-working girls, trying to make money. They are not professional business people, and they don’t always do what they are promising… Your life is in their hands, so be very careful. Don’t be fooled by big promises and flash.

    Find out the fundamentals like how they screen their clients. For eg., many agencies take their clients through a particular screening software or consultation, which is what most professional organizations will do. Find out what their cut off points are (why they would turn down a client, if at all).

    Find out whether they are on the side of the models, the clients, or an equal balance of both. If there is a problem like you’re lost, do they help you or leave you to figure it out? Find out how long it takes to be paid for credit card appointments. Do they offer any training or any transparency on how their organization operates?

    Be smart. An intelligent girl like you should be able to sniff out a quality agency, and enjoy a fun, luxurious and tasteful career – assuming you can bring equal quality to the table.

    Tags: become an escort, complete guide, elite companion, elite escort, gentlemen seek and pay for, guide, high class escort model, higher end of the industry, looks great in a bikini, quality agency, special connection, travel escort

    A few kamasutra positions for intense pleasure

    23rd Jun 2021

    According to the Kamasutra, there are 64 types of sexual acts one can try during lovemaking. They vary, of course, from being complex muscle movements to soft, sexy postures. Have you ever wanted to try all of them, and wondered, at the same time, if there is one meant specially for you?

    Technically speaking, sex is a weird peculiar thing: we have two people sitting in positions that seem to defy the gravitational laws, puffing and moving rapidly while they are exchanging fluids. Sex can, in fact, become fatiguing and unpleasant as it equally is satisfying and beneficial.
    The more creative you are and the more you try to create a pleasant atmosphere in bed, the better you will feel, because you will be able to communicate positive feelings to your partner. If you count among those who have sex for pleasure and if everything happens naturally and thanks to your body anatomy, good for you! But if you or her have certain weight issues and you cannot really afford to try any wild stuff in bed, here are some of your options for different types of silhouettes…

    Doggy style
    If you are both confronting some unwanted kilos, you can try the following: she lays on her back and easily bends her knees, and you stand between her legs and raise them during penetration. Another suitable position for you is the doggy style, which in general is a pleasant one for both partners.

    Butterfly position
    If you have an optimal weight, and your partner is very voluptuous, she will stand on a side, while you raise her leg to the chest level or as much as her flexibility allows her to. Then gently slide towards her and hold her leg while penetrating her. Also, you can stand in front of your partner, whose legs dangle over the edge of a bed or some other platform like a table; with your partner’s legs lifted towards the ceiling and resting against you, this is sometimes called the “butterfly position”. It can also be done as a kneeling position.

    Reversed Cowgirl position
    If she has the optimal weight, and you are overweight, sit on your back, while she stands above you with her face oriented towards your legs. Bend your knees, while she moves standing on your knees. This position is called the “reversed cowgirl”.

    Spoon position
    If you are very different in terms of height, the “spoon position” is the ideal one for you. You both have to sit on a side, with you being behind her. You will enjoy some rather cool moves as this position is extremely intimate, pleasant and suitable to any body type.

    Janakurpara position
    If you and your partner have fit bodies, then Janukurpara position is just for you. It requires both of you to have strong abs, and you might end up burning a lot of calories. Start with lifting her up and locking your elbows under her knees to get a better grip. Hold her butt with your hands and let her hold you from your neck.
    This position offers extra deep penetration, and ergo- lots of pleasure. Plus, it leads to a lot of eye contact that adds to the experience. Janakurpara position is the reward for all the challenging exercise you have done in the gym to get the fit body.

    Tripadam position
    This sex position works best when both the partners are of same height, but it’s also a great try when you are in a mood of a quickie, Tripadam position can prove to be amazing for you- it’s short, fast and you don’t need a bed for it.
    In this position, you both stand facing each other. You lift one of her knees and place your hand under it. This position is referred as Tripadam or tripod, and does not allow deep penetration.
    Like all the other standing positions, this position also promotes maximum blood flow to your erogenous zones, and makes sure you have a good time.

    Piditaka position

    Piditaka is comfortable, laid-back position and can be done by anyone, at any time of the day! Let her bend her knees and place on your chest. Meanwhile, place your knees on the either side of her buttocks, and lift her thighs a little bit, and enter her.

    This sex position guarantees pleasure as the vagina is narrowed when the legs are up. Plus, you can convey humility, affection and tenderness by letting her legs touch your mouth and feet.

    Nevertheless, the most important thing you and your partner should keep in mind is that there are no strict rules in bed; you should give yourself to your partner and receive her affection as you please, letting your imagination run wild. There is no similar feeling to that of giving and equally receiving pleasure from the person you love.

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    10 best BDSM toys for bondage love

    1st Jun 2021

    Are you part of the BDSM world? Or are you looking to incorporate a little kink into your bedroom activities?

    A BDSM survey conducted by sex-brand LELO revealed that over 80% of participants have tried spanking and being tied up, over 40% being whipped, and over 30% being gagged.

    According to certified sex expert and sexologist Gigi Engle, “kink is super accessible to everyone—and a lot of us have either tried it or wanted to.”

    No matter what acronym of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism), appeals to you most, be sure there’s a sex toy out there waiting to fuel your erotic fantasies and ginger up this power-play fun.

    From BDSM beginners to couples who just like to dabble in the occasional BDSM bedroom antics, here are our top 10 sexiest and affordable BDSM toys for you and your partner to try.

    1. Bondage Flogger
    Best for: Feeling pleasure and pain at once.

    Do you or your partner like to be spanked or punished? Dish out some discipline with a beginner-friendly BDSM flogger, generally designed with a plastic handle and wrist-loop for sheer control. Floggers are a type of whip, which are designed to instill thrilling fear and inflict pleasurable pain on the sub lover. You can lash out on the ground to intimidate them or tease them with soft strokes or a sharp and satisfying sting.

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £12.99

    Black and red flogger BDSM sex toy

    2. Satin Blindfold
    Best for: Getting turned on by sensory deprivation.

    Whether it’s for roleplay, stimulating a fetish, or sensory deprivation, a silky satin-feel blindfold can add a new dimension to BDSM sex. They offer a comfortable and snug fit to stop any sneak peeks, and its soft lining means it can be worn for as long as your session goes. It’s effective for setting your senses alight and purely focusing on the sex scene itself while helping the wearer let go of inhibitions to let loose. Not to mention, it’s great for a good night’s sleep too.

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £5.99

    Woman on bed wearing lingerie and BDSM blindfold
    3. Mouth Ball Gag
    Best for: Wanting to simply feel the pleasure in silence.

    If you enjoy being submissive during sex, a large silicone mouth gag is great for those looking for full mouth restriction. Many of them are hypoallergenic, odourless and tasteless for comfort during wear and features several holes to ensure easy breathing – but still renders you speechless. Great for being turned on by feeling punished and helpless while enjoying the thrill of increased anxiety levels. For the dominant lovers, you’ll love watching them drool and hearing the sounds they make when they try to speak or reach an orgasm.

    Note: It’s important to devise a clear ‘safe signal’, which can be acted out for safety purposes

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £24.99

    Woman wearing ball gag BDSM sex toy

    4. Spreader Bar
    Best for: Extreme kinky sex positions.

    While playing bondage, you can explore a range of kinky sex positions with a versatIle spreader bar. Restraints are often softly padded and velcro-fastened for your comfort and safety, and some even feature two pairs of built-in restraints – one pair at the end of each bar and the other in the middle. Designed to spread your sub out, you can use this for oral sex, deeper penetration, and G-spot stimulation. Just let your imagination run wild.

    Where to buy: Adam & Eve for £30.60

    Black and red BDSM spreader bar

    Credited to Adam & Eve

    5. Nipple Clamps
    Best for: Men and women that love nipple play.

    Saucy and stylish, nipple clamps are guaranteed to drive these erogenous zones up the wall. They keep your nipples hard and sensitive and can give some pleasurable torture for those that like to be punished. Want to go a little harder? Opt for a fully adjustable pair, so you can choose your desired pressure, and there’s nothing stopping you from hanging items on the chain for a more intense sensation.

    Where to buy: Ann Summers for £12

    Black and silver BDSM nipple clamps

    6. Bondage Rope
    Best for: Practicing the art of shibari or restraint with your lover.

    Enjoy restricting, wrapping, suspending, and binding up your partner with some strong, sexy and silky bondage rope. A silky finish provides a smooth-feel against the skin for comfort and erotic arousal. You can be as creative as you like, as it permits beautiful artistic designs and full-body bondage for an erotic aesthetic and sensual entanglement. The more practice you get, the quicker you’ll become a shibari pro.

    Where to buy: Simply Pleasure for £11.45

    Woman's hands being tied with BDSM bondage rope

    7. Collar And Lead
    Best for: BDSM lovers who enjoy an erotic choking experience.

    Fetish meets fashion with a luxurious kinky collar and lead. Dominatrixes and submissives alike can get turned on by consensual sex-slave roleplay, as they enjoy the swinging and pulling sounds of a super-polished and often detachable chain. Collars are comfy and usually have an adjustable buckle fastening to tighten the grip a little for increased pleasure. Get ready to show them who’s boss or prepare to submit to your lover’s desires.

    Where to buy: Ann Summers for £18

    Woman and bed wearing BDSM collar and lead

    8. Under Bed Restraint
    Best for: A more intense bondage experience.

    Want to dominate your partner – sexually? Transform your bed into a sex den with a sturdy bed restraint. There’s one available for almost any bed size and cuffs are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Doms can enjoy leaving their sub lover pleasurably vulnerable and helpless in their power. From anal sex to an erotic massage, the possibilities are endless. Strap them down and have free rein (with consent).

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £34.99

    Woman on ned with legs tied in BDSM bed restraint

    Credited to Lovehoney

    9. Feather Teaser
    Best for: Couples that enjoy slow and sensual foreplay.

    If you love a little foreplay before BDSM sex, then a feather teaser will have you feeling tingly all-over. Available in various sensual shades, they boast luxuriously-soft feathers for exploring the most sensitive areas and a lightweight handle that’s easy to manage. Tease and caress your lover’s skin with some sensation play and you’re bound to get an erotic response.

    Where to buy: LELO for £24.90

    Black and white BDSM feather teaser

    10. Fifty Days of Play
    Best for: Competitive couples that are eager to win.

    Do you get excited by sex games? While there’s lots of BDSM games on the market, you’ll love this Fifty Days of Play packed with stimulating scenarios, romantic gestures and erotic surprises. It contains one dice and fifty envelopes that will decide which out of the five shades of naughtiness you will be enjoying, from Virginal White through to Seductive Black. If you enjoy switching roles during BDSM play, this game will have you from dominant to submissive in no time. Whether you want to play at home or take it on a romantic weekend away, it’s a BDSM game you’ll never want to stop playing.

    Where to buy: Amazon for £11.99

    Fifty Days of Play BDSM game

    Credited to Amazon

    BDSM Safety
    Before using any BDSM sex toys, it is important that you read the instructions carefully and research on how to perform sexual acts with them safely.

    Gigi urges to “go to workshops, consult professional BDSM practitioners, and do your research.”

    The best practices for BDSM safety are to always:

    Establish consent
    Establish boundaries
    Recognise the risks
    Use a safe word or signal (especially if using mouth gags or sex toys that obstruct speech)
    Play sober and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    Communicate openly and honestly
    Know how to use your sex toys or tools properly
    Prepare for any emergencies (e.g., have a phone nearby)
    Never leave a bound person unattended
    Read more information on BDSM safety.

    Remember, all toys should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use for hygienic and safety reasons.

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