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    She's amazing. Spend a lovely hour with Caprice in a hotel in Orpington . Great girl and services
    Made by Singh S - 21st Jun 2021
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    Kinky, nasty and unbelievably provocative blonde! Fulfilled all my fantasies!

    Made by Odonnel - 10th Jun 2021
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    We have discussed everything via What's App and arrangement was pretty easy and quick. I met her in my hotel we had some drinks in my room. She said she likes wine so i ordered a bottle of wine just to make her feel relaxed. She was wearing a skirt and a nice shirt so you can see some boobs between :) She was friendly sometimes crazy sometimes naughty. We had two times sex during her stay and i can say i am satisfied
    Made by Diamond - 6th Jun 2021
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    So stunning she came dressed in a full leather dress and heels and make up perfection across the field where we had some fun outside so good with her Mouth very stunning and a tease

    Made by Will - 1st Jun 2021
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    She was better then i expected in person, I had very good time with her . I definitly will come in London and see u again xx

    Made by Dave - 1st Jun 2021
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    10 best BDSM toys for bondage love

    1st Jun 2021

    Are you part of the BDSM world? Or are you looking to incorporate a little kink into your bedroom activities?

    A BDSM survey conducted by sex-brand LELO revealed that over 80% of participants have tried spanking and being tied up, over 40% being whipped, and over 30% being gagged.

    According to certified sex expert and sexologist Gigi Engle, “kink is super accessible to everyone—and a lot of us have either tried it or wanted to.”

    No matter what acronym of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism), appeals to you most, be sure there’s a sex toy out there waiting to fuel your erotic fantasies and ginger up this power-play fun.

    From BDSM beginners to couples who just like to dabble in the occasional BDSM bedroom antics, here are our top 10 sexiest and affordable BDSM toys for you and your partner to try.

    1. Bondage Flogger
    Best for: Feeling pleasure and pain at once.

    Do you or your partner like to be spanked or punished? Dish out some discipline with a beginner-friendly BDSM flogger, generally designed with a plastic handle and wrist-loop for sheer control. Floggers are a type of whip, which are designed to instill thrilling fear and inflict pleasurable pain on the sub lover. You can lash out on the ground to intimidate them or tease them with soft strokes or a sharp and satisfying sting.

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £12.99

    Black and red flogger BDSM sex toy

    2. Satin Blindfold
    Best for: Getting turned on by sensory deprivation.

    Whether it’s for roleplay, stimulating a fetish, or sensory deprivation, a silky satin-feel blindfold can add a new dimension to BDSM sex. They offer a comfortable and snug fit to stop any sneak peeks, and its soft lining means it can be worn for as long as your session goes. It’s effective for setting your senses alight and purely focusing on the sex scene itself while helping the wearer let go of inhibitions to let loose. Not to mention, it’s great for a good night’s sleep too.

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £5.99

    Woman on bed wearing lingerie and BDSM blindfold
    3. Mouth Ball Gag
    Best for: Wanting to simply feel the pleasure in silence.

    If you enjoy being submissive during sex, a large silicone mouth gag is great for those looking for full mouth restriction. Many of them are hypoallergenic, odourless and tasteless for comfort during wear and features several holes to ensure easy breathing – but still renders you speechless. Great for being turned on by feeling punished and helpless while enjoying the thrill of increased anxiety levels. For the dominant lovers, you’ll love watching them drool and hearing the sounds they make when they try to speak or reach an orgasm.

    Note: It’s important to devise a clear ‘safe signal’, which can be acted out for safety purposes

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £24.99

    Woman wearing ball gag BDSM sex toy

    4. Spreader Bar
    Best for: Extreme kinky sex positions.

    While playing bondage, you can explore a range of kinky sex positions with a versatIle spreader bar. Restraints are often softly padded and velcro-fastened for your comfort and safety, and some even feature two pairs of built-in restraints – one pair at the end of each bar and the other in the middle. Designed to spread your sub out, you can use this for oral sex, deeper penetration, and G-spot stimulation. Just let your imagination run wild.

    Where to buy: Adam & Eve for £30.60

    Black and red BDSM spreader bar

    Credited to Adam & Eve

    5. Nipple Clamps
    Best for: Men and women that love nipple play.

    Saucy and stylish, nipple clamps are guaranteed to drive these erogenous zones up the wall. They keep your nipples hard and sensitive and can give some pleasurable torture for those that like to be punished. Want to go a little harder? Opt for a fully adjustable pair, so you can choose your desired pressure, and there’s nothing stopping you from hanging items on the chain for a more intense sensation.

    Where to buy: Ann Summers for £12

    Black and silver BDSM nipple clamps

    6. Bondage Rope
    Best for: Practicing the art of shibari or restraint with your lover.

    Enjoy restricting, wrapping, suspending, and binding up your partner with some strong, sexy and silky bondage rope. A silky finish provides a smooth-feel against the skin for comfort and erotic arousal. You can be as creative as you like, as it permits beautiful artistic designs and full-body bondage for an erotic aesthetic and sensual entanglement. The more practice you get, the quicker you’ll become a shibari pro.

    Where to buy: Simply Pleasure for £11.45

    Woman's hands being tied with BDSM bondage rope

    7. Collar And Lead
    Best for: BDSM lovers who enjoy an erotic choking experience.

    Fetish meets fashion with a luxurious kinky collar and lead. Dominatrixes and submissives alike can get turned on by consensual sex-slave roleplay, as they enjoy the swinging and pulling sounds of a super-polished and often detachable chain. Collars are comfy and usually have an adjustable buckle fastening to tighten the grip a little for increased pleasure. Get ready to show them who’s boss or prepare to submit to your lover’s desires.

    Where to buy: Ann Summers for £18

    Woman and bed wearing BDSM collar and lead

    8. Under Bed Restraint
    Best for: A more intense bondage experience.

    Want to dominate your partner – sexually? Transform your bed into a sex den with a sturdy bed restraint. There’s one available for almost any bed size and cuffs are fully adjustable for a comfortable fit. Doms can enjoy leaving their sub lover pleasurably vulnerable and helpless in their power. From anal sex to an erotic massage, the possibilities are endless. Strap them down and have free rein (with consent).

    Where to buy: Lovehoney for £34.99

    Woman on ned with legs tied in BDSM bed restraint

    Credited to Lovehoney

    9. Feather Teaser
    Best for: Couples that enjoy slow and sensual foreplay.

    If you love a little foreplay before BDSM sex, then a feather teaser will have you feeling tingly all-over. Available in various sensual shades, they boast luxuriously-soft feathers for exploring the most sensitive areas and a lightweight handle that’s easy to manage. Tease and caress your lover’s skin with some sensation play and you’re bound to get an erotic response.

    Where to buy: LELO for £24.90

    Black and white BDSM feather teaser

    10. Fifty Days of Play
    Best for: Competitive couples that are eager to win.

    Do you get excited by sex games? While there’s lots of BDSM games on the market, you’ll love this Fifty Days of Play packed with stimulating scenarios, romantic gestures and erotic surprises. It contains one dice and fifty envelopes that will decide which out of the five shades of naughtiness you will be enjoying, from Virginal White through to Seductive Black. If you enjoy switching roles during BDSM play, this game will have you from dominant to submissive in no time. Whether you want to play at home or take it on a romantic weekend away, it’s a BDSM game you’ll never want to stop playing.

    Where to buy: Amazon for £11.99

    Fifty Days of Play BDSM game

    Credited to Amazon

    BDSM Safety
    Before using any BDSM sex toys, it is important that you read the instructions carefully and research on how to perform sexual acts with them safely.

    Gigi urges to “go to workshops, consult professional BDSM practitioners, and do your research.”

    The best practices for BDSM safety are to always:

    Establish consent
    Establish boundaries
    Recognise the risks
    Use a safe word or signal (especially if using mouth gags or sex toys that obstruct speech)
    Play sober and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs
    Communicate openly and honestly
    Know how to use your sex toys or tools properly
    Prepare for any emergencies (e.g., have a phone nearby)
    Never leave a bound person unattended
    Read more information on BDSM safety.

    Remember, all toys should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use for hygienic and safety reasons.

    Sex workers: How to identify a timewaster and avoid them

    1st Jun 2021

    How to identify a timewaster
    Although it can be difficult, there are many ways to differentiate a timewaster from a serious client.

    Below are the most common timewaster traits to look out for:

    Contact with no intention of booking
    Does this sound familiar? According to our survey, 60% of sex workers say that clients who initiate contact without any intention to book a service is the most annoying time-wasting trait. So why do clients go through all that hassle of contacting and communicating with a sex worker, only to not see it through?

    These clients are either seeking a thrill, want to know what it’s like to talk to an escort or see how far they can push boundaries (get a service without having to pay). A genuine client will talk about doing business with you from the off, by making the necessary enquiries before booking.

    If you get the impression that a client has no intention of booking, don’t be afraid to ask them if they are going to book, so you can speed up the process and move on to other clients looking to book.

    Piggy bank and hourglass sand timer for time is money concept

    Last-minute cancellations
    Your client has booked your service for a specific time. As a professional, you have everything planned and ready. 10 minutes prior to the meeting, you get a message from your client. They are cancelling. You have little time to organise another booking with an alternative client and seek business elsewhere.

    For 52% of sex workers, find last-minute cancellations are the second most annoying time-wasting trait. Unfortunately, last-minute cancellations can be very hard to avoid. Not only do insincere clients bailout, but there are genuine cancellations where some clients do intend to pay and use your services until they realise it’s not convenient (e.g., work or family commitments).

    However, a genuine client will inform you and most likely rearrange. If their phone is off, they ignore incoming calls, take very long to reply, do not ask for confirmation on the day you’re meeting up, or start randomly talking about how busy their day is, then it’s a possibility they don’t plan to show up.

    If you want to give them another chance it’s up to you, but keep a note of their details so you don’t fall into this trap again. This is also another reason why you should charge clients a non-refundable deposit so they can secure their booking – that way you won’t lose out when there is a no-show.

    Asks for free extra services
    For those sex workers that have not experienced this yet, you may come across clients trying to get free services out of you.

    According to our data, 44% of sex workers found client’s asking for extra freebies to be the third-most annoying timewasting trait.

    Of course, it’s entirely your call if you choose to provide a free extra service for certain clients. But be aware that these type of clients will continue to have this expectation and may put pressure on you for additional free services in the future.

    Instead, politely tell them that you do not provide any free services and if they continue to persist let them go. Instead of wasting your time discussing freebies, you can be attracting clients that are willing to pay for all of your services.

    Fails to read the information in your ads
    Watch out for those clients asking questions that are clearly answered in your ads.

    Our survey revealed clients who fail to read an ad is the fourth most annoying timewaster trait for nearly 40% of sex workers. Not only will you have to waste your time re-explaining yourself, but your services may not be aligned with their needs.

    A genuine client will invest time in reading your ad, site or social profiles to ensure your services meet their requirements before making contact. For example, they may want to check if your rates are within their budget, see if you are local to them, or if you provide the services they are seeking.

    If it is obvious that a client hasn’t read your ad, just kindly let them know that all the information they are looking for is there, and if they have any additional questions then they should get back to you.

    If this is happening too often, then you might need to double-check the information in your ad to make sure it’s clear and concise and provides all the information necessary.

    At Desire Escorts Agency, we offer an escort services and extra charges feature which enables you to clearly highlight the services you offer and don’t offer to avoid having to spend time explaining this to clients.

    Tries to price haggle
    Sex workers found price haggling to be almost just as annoying as asking for free extra services, according to 41% of sex workers who answered our survey.

    If a client is trying to persuade you to lower your rates, it means that your service is not a great fit for them and they should look elsewhere. These are not the clients you are looking for and should not waste time questioning yourself and your pricing.

    A real client will either accept your rates or not, and seek alternative services elsewhere if need be. As mentioned above, with our escort services and extra charges feature, you can specify the cost of each service you provide, allowing the client to choose specific ones that meet their requirements and budget.

    Frustrated woman holding her phone away from her ear

    Vague and non-committal language
    Clients that are unsure or indecisive about making a booking will express this in the way they communicate with you.

    This could include non-committal language, whether written or verbal, such as ‘perhaps’, ‘maybe’ ‘might’ ‘possibly’, ‘think so’, ‘we’ll see’ and ‘could work’. Although they might be interested, this type of language doesn’t suggest a definitive plan to use your service.

    If you are met with silence or they avoid the question when you ask them to confirm if they want to make a booking, don’t waste your time waiting for them to make up their mind and just move on to the next client.

    If a client is sincerely interested in your services, they will be certain about their decision and will not hesitate to book.

    Refusing to screen or provide relevant information
    Screening your client is a very important part of sex work safety.

    Due to the nature of the adult industry, there are considerable risks involved, and sex workers should take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

    A sincere client will understand this and provide some sort of screening for you that allows you to check their identity, such as employment or ID verification.

    Timewasters will not provide this information, as they are unsure about meeting you and wouldn’t want to give up this sensitive information unnecessarily.

    While some clients want to protect their identity for personal reasons, such as fear of being scammed or having their identity disclosed, there are many ways you can screen a client in a way that they feel comfortable with.

    As well as encouraging clients to screen themselves, why not build even more trust with your clients by age verifying and photo verifying your Vivastreet ads.

    Refusing to pay a deposit
    Refusing to pay a deposit is a huge indicator of a timewaster. If they don’t want to pay up, they are not committed to meeting up, which means you can’t trust that they will turn up for the booking.

    Clients that are serious about your service will make a deposit to secure their booking and are more likely to show up, as they don’t want to waste their money.

    If a client says they will pay you when they see you, don’t take the risk, even if feel like you can trust them. There are lots of other clients that will be happy to respect your business terms and conditions.

    Asks for selfies
    If they insist that you send explicit photos before seeing you, the truth is, that’s probably the only thing they are really after.

    While you’ll feel tempted to entice them more, timewasters have a way of making you believe that they want photos to keep them thrilled until it’s time to meet up, with no intention to.

    But as a sex worker, you’re likely to have dozens of sexy high-definition images on your profiles for potential clients to have a taste of what you look like and what to expect, so there is no need to send them extra photos for free.

    You can either refuse or ignore them, or you can simply refer them to your private galleries, a feature on Vivastreet that allows you to sell videos and photos, and they can purchase your pictures there.

    Here are some other annoying timewaster traits according to sex workers:

    Phoning outside of working hours
    Rude and inappropriate messages
    Comparing services and prices to other escorts
    Asking for videocalls
    Calling from far destinations or outside of their working areas
    Asking for unprotected sex
    Not understanding the rules specified in their ads
    Turning up and then leaving when they see you or changing the duration of booking time
    Calls from private numbers and not saying anything on the phone
    Asking for services not offered in ads
    Persistent phone calls
    Sending x-rated pictures
    Falling in love with you
    How to avoid a timewaster
    While sex work can attract many timewasters, you have to use your judgement to assess whether it’s a genuine client or not. However, if you experience any of the above, then it is a red flag to avoid these types of clients.

    For example, there are some clients that may not have read your ad because they have difficulty reading or could no longer meet up due to other commitments.

    Being able to spot a timewaster will mean less time wasted on insincere clients and more time generating business and maximising the number of quality clients.

    There are also some great apps out there like the ClientEye App which allows sex workers to report timewasters so that other sex workers can immediately know which clients to avoid. You can download the app here.

    If you have any more tips on how to spot a timewaster, help out your fellow sex workers by letting them know in the comments below.

    Source: Vivastreet Uk

    Escort safety tips: How to screen your client

    1st Jun 2021

    If you’re an independent escort, screening clients is a vital procedure for your safety.

    Doing so, will help to ensure that you’re not at risk of scammers, and unsafe or dangerous clients.

    When screening your clients, you should aim to find out as much about them as possible and gauge their attitudes and behaviours before meeting up with them.

    Below are some screening measures you should put in place before you share any personal details or accompany them.

    Ask for ID
    Check their identity by asking them to provide formal photo identification (e.g., a passport or driver’s license) along with an image of themself.

    To be extra safe, you can request for this to be done via a video call. That way you can see if their face matches the photo on their ID.

    Make sure that all details are displayed clearly and make a record of their name and date of birth.

    Likewise, some clients may also want confirmation that you too are genuine. Age verifying and photo verifying your ads will help to build trust between both parties.

    Passport identification for client screening

    Ask personal questions
    Don’t hold back from asking your client personal questions, such as where they work, what area they live, where they hang out, or where they usually find escorts.

    If they have nothing to hide, they should be open and willing to give up this information.

    This will help you get to know the person better and determine whether they are genuine or not.

    Check their social media accounts
    Whether you pop their name in Google or ask your client directly for their social media accounts, this is another way to learn more about them and confirm that they are who they say they are.

    Check their bios, the type of content they are sharing online, and the people they are engaging with to get a sense of their personality.

    Don’t forget to check out their LinkedIn, as this is a professional profile that could reveal their working status, current occupation, and past jobs.

    Escort checking client social media account for screening

    Take a look at client reviews
    Make the most of sites and forums that allow escorts and sex workers to review clients, such as SAAFE.

    Check to see if their name or contact details flag up during your search to find if other escorts have reported them.

    If something appears, you can read the details and decide whether or not this is the type of client you want to meet up with.

    Look on platforms that have client blacklists
    There are other sites and apps out there that blacklist suspicious clients for your safety and protection.

    The ClientEye App is a great app for escorts to report dangerous clients and known timewasters. Pop their number in the app and see if anything flags up.

    Likewise, if you believe a client is unsafe, notify fellow escorts by reporting them in the app too.

    If you become a member of National Ugly Mugs, you will also be able to get alerts on dangerous clients. This is a great way to avoid these types of clients in the future if you are approached by them.

    ClientEye app for escorts to screen clients

    Ask other escorts
    If it’s not your client’s first time booking an escort, ask them if they can provide you with the name of a previous escort they met up with and where they found them.

    You can reach out to the escort and ask them to provide their personal account of the client and what their experience was like to help you decide whether they are safe to be around.

    Ask to talk on the phone
    You should always initiate a telephone conversation with the client before meeting each other.

    As well as being another way to find out who they are, it’s a way to break the ice, develop a more human connection, and get a feel of the client’s character.

    Do not accept calls from blocked numbers. If they are not willing to display their number, this is a red flag.

    Talking on the phone prior to meeting up is also a tactic that will allow you to find out if a client is intoxicated.

    If this is obvious, whether they are slurring their words or responding incoherently, do not meet up with this client, as they could be drunk when you meet up with them.

    Escort talking on the phone to client for screening

    Let them know you accept card payments
    Unlike cash, bank cards offer traceable details. Let your client know that you take card payments to test their reaction.

    If they refuse to use this payment method for your services, this could be suspicious.

    Take control over transportation
    For your safety, we always advise escorts to make their own travel arrangements when meeting up with clients.

    However, should you decide to have your client pick you up after double-checking the destination, you should ask them to provide their vehicle number plate before they arrive.

    Such information will allow you to check up these details to make sure it’s registered to the right person.

    Before getting into the car make sure the registration number they have given you and the one displayed on the vehicle match up.

    Send it to a friend or family member so they are aware.

    Black car parked on street

    Trust your gut
    You can never go wrong with trusting your gut.

    If you feel uneasy with a client when screening them for whatever reason, don’t allow them to book a service.

    Even if you’re unable to pinpoint what makes you feel uncomfortable, this is still an alert and they should be avoided.

    Have them take a COVID test
    During COVID-19, there are extra safety precautions you may want to take while working.

    As Coronavirus is spread through close contact with a person, we recommend that you screen them by checking if they have been tested for COVID before starting your session.

    This will allow you to assess your own risk and decide whether you want to proceed with the booking or not.

    Screen your clients
    Screening clients make sex work safer and should not be disregarded at all costs.

    If a client is non-compliant or refuses or fails to provide some of the information above, then this is a warning that you should stay away from the client.

    You should understand that some may be sceptical to provide some details for personal reasons, such as ensuring confidentiality from friends and family.

    However, you should find alternative methods for finding out important information or whatever makes you feel comfortable to proceed to do business with a client.

    If you need more advice on sex work safety, clients to avoid, or support services, please check out our other articles below:

    Q&A: Sex expert and former escort Rebecca Dakin shares sex work safety tips
    National Ugly Mugs: 7 safety tips that will help you make more money
    Safe sex: Making sex work safe
    How to stay safe on webcam as a sex worker
    Resources for sex workers in the UK
    A guide to working safely during COVID-19

    Source: Vivastreet UK

    Sex Work & Finances: Tips on How to Manage Your Money

    1st Jun 2021

    Working in the sex industry means there can be peaks and lulls in your personal finances.

    Some months may see an influx of clients and revenue, while other periods can be quieter (e.g., during the COVID-19 pandemic).

    But that’s okay. You can help your financial situation by adopting some basic money management techniques to stay afloat.

    Read on to find out how to manage your finances and stay in financial shape.

    Find out your monthly income and expenses
    The first step to taking control of your finances is finding out, on average, your monthly income. This can involve your salary/wages, revenue from sex work, and any profits from side-hustle ventures.

    After calculating your earnings, it’s essential to work out your monthly expenses. This should include everything you spend money on, from your household bills to living costs (e.g., food, clothing, healthcare, etc.) as well as work-related costs.

    Note: You can work out your ingoings and outgoings by looking at your bank statements from the previous three to six months.

    We understand that your expenses can vary over time. However, it’s important to find out a rough estimate, as it will help you to understand what you’re spending your money on and how you can prevent financial difficulty.

    Woman about to draw money from ATM machine

    Budgeting will help you to keep on track of your finances. The aim is to ensure that your expenses do not exceed your income. In other words, your income should cover all of your expenses.

    Once you’ve worked out your monthly expenses, you will have a clearer view of where the majority of your money is going and which areas you can cut back on.

    For example, are you still paying for a gym membership you hardly use? Or are you spending too much money on cosmetics or clothes? Perhaps you would be better off finding cheaper alternatives, like exercising in the park or shopping at less expensive shops, for instance.

    What are the benefits of budgeting?

    It gives you control of your finances
    It helps you to prioritise essential payments (e.g., bills, food, etc.)
    You’re less likely to end up in debt
    You’re less likely to accrue unexpected costs
    It can help with a good credit rating
    It can help highlight non-essential spending and find areas where you can save money
    In the long run, you can find yourself in a better position for luxury expenses, such as travel, new car, etc.
    Although this may be hard, it’s important to prioritise your needs over your wants – at least until you boost your income to accommodate the latter.

    Financial planning
    The lack of financial planning can bring serious problems to people’s lives, as it’s a guide to help you on what you can save and expend per month.

    In your financial planning, you will include all the financial information of your life: earnings (fixed and variable), debts, loans and all expenses mentioned above.

    With all that information on paper or an online sheet, you will have a clearer picture of what your current financial situation is, such as if you are expending more than you earn and can cut unnecessary expenses, and how you can save money.

    Saving part of your income
    Regardless of how much you earn per month, it is important to set a monthly amount of money for you to save.

    If you haven’t started doing this yet, the tip is to start consciously as soon as possible. Every amount is valid at that moment, the important thing is to introduce the habit.

    Over time you will start to increase the amount you save, either because your income has increased or even because you have managed to cut unnecessary expenses.

    The best way to manage your savings is to give them goals. For example, you may have retirement plans, so in that case, it will be long-term savings.

    Hands holding a white piggy bank

    Cut unnecessary expenses
    This is perhaps one of the most difficult parts of successful financial management.

    On many occasions, it’s not easy to avoid unnecessary purchases, because at the time of the decision, the clarity that you really need what you are buying may not appear easily.

    But we often buy on impulse, driven by well-executed advertising, or even because there is a good discount involved. However, try always to ask yourself beforehand if you really need that purchase.

    If you can avoid or postpone the decision, it will be better for you and your pocket.

    Avoid debt and payments using instalments
    If you need to buy something, try to plan ahead to avoid making instalment purchases. It is better for you to save in advance and buy “in cash” than to incur an instalment debt on the card, for example.

    These and other debts can hinder you when planning your budget or even become a headache if you are unable to pay on time.

    Take great care with loans. Only use them as a last resort and are confident that you will be able to pay them back. The interest in this type of business is usually high and can hold your financial life for a long time.

    Woman under financial stress with credit cards and letters

    Manage your taxes
    When you’re self-employed, keeping on top of your taxes is another important part of financial management. This can help you avoid paying more tax than you need to as well as penalties and wrong payments, which can sometimes be quite costly. Not only can you boost your income by reducing your tax liability but you will have a stress-free tax filing experience. Filing your taxes before the deadline also means you can get a quicker refund if your tax liability is lower than what you have been paying.

    Have an emergency fund
    When you start saving money, don’t forget to have an emergency fund.

    Once you set how much money you can save by month, try to divide it into two parts: your savings for an emergency and for your goals (travel, things you want to buy etc).

    Boost your income
    As a sex worker, there are many ways you can try to boost your income so that you are more financially stable. That way you can have a bigger budget for specific areas of your life. Below are some ways you can make more money as a sex worker:

    You can sell private content online, such as photos and videos. Take a look at our Private Gallery feature
    You can sell fetish items online
    If you advertise with us, you can charge extra money for specific services to generate more profit on top of standard charges
    You can put some money aside to upgrade your ad. This can make your ad more visible, potentially attracting more clients and revenue as a result
    Ensuring that your ad is age and photo verified can also build more trust and visibility. Our data revealed that verified ads get 20% more views on average, potentially boosting your clientele
    As well as escorting, you can start webcamming for extra money
    There are many safety tips that can help you earn more money too, such as spotting timewasters and screening clients
    Here are some other ways you can make more money online.

    The key thing to remember is to always have total knowledge about your incomes and all your expenses, by tracking everything in a document or using a relevant app to better manage your money and plan your finances for better security.

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