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25th Jul 2019

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    Such a naughty petite hottie! We went slowly, first fondling and kissing, then undressing…

    Made by HotDave - 11th Aug 2020
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    She is very sensual and passionate blonde. It felt like meeting a lover who I know for many years. She is very welcoming, intelligent and super hot. Makes fantasies real.
    Made by Peter - 3rd Oct 2019
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    I met her two days ago, amazing lady real photos and good feeling, I enjoyed with her Xxx

    Made by Calvin - 18th Jul 2019
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    Just had a wonderful 2 hours session with Azalea a few hours ago. Promised to meet her yesterday but she was fully booked. Today was so amazing as she know me better and she remembers what I like. I will definitely book her again this week before I go back to my home country.
    Made by Michael - 15th Jul 2019
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    A real pleasure. Anna is a beautiful women, inside and out. Whip smart, stunningly beautiful - more attractive than her photos - skillful, and tolerant of my failings. Go see her and treat her well. You will not be disappointed.
    Made by Kevin - 7th Feb 2019
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    What do men want in an escort?

    30th Apr 2021

    During your escorting activity you’ve probably run across a certain type of men that are not looking just for a quick sexual release, or to blow off some steam. There is a typology of client that every escort should have in her portfolio: the one that’s in it for more than just a quicky. That’s the client with the greatest potential of becoming a regular!

    It is not just about SEX! Men are not seeking the services of a professional lover, an escort, a cam girl, only for the bed breaking sex. Did you know that when a man lacks sex while in a relationship, the first instinct is not to cheat on the partner by going to another woman, but to look up for online porn?

    So, if not sex is the answer to the “What men want in a woman?” question, then what is?

    Here is where we step in to give you some pointers that will help you better understand how your client’s minds work and how to fine tune your escorting services and skills to meet their very specific demands.

    Because if things were just about sex, offering total satisfaction would be a piece of cake for an experience escort such as yourself, but the men’s true needs are a little deeper than that.

    Men look to be worshiped

    Sounds a little narcissistic but it’s the truth. When we strip them down to their primal core, being worshiped and idolized is something that each man desires. But fully admiring and idolizing the man in front of you is not something that a wife, a fiancé or a girlfriend does, or if she does so, she does it at the very beginning of the relationship, because with time she gets to see more nuances of the man’s true self and gets to see him just as he is: fragile and vulnerable, and what men really want to expose himself in that raw manner?

    So, ladies, idolizing and flattering is the way to a man’s heart and to turning him into a regular. But don’t overdo it or do it in a dramatic or fake manner. Look at him, listen to what he has to say, analyze him, and then work with the “real material”. For example if he dresses in a nice manner then flatter his taste in clothes or in combining colors, or if he has great hair tell him about that and about how most men would die for a strong, healthy hair like his, or if he tries to lose weight by following a tight diet, applaud his initiative and boost his ego by telling him how courageous and determined he must be to embark in such an important life changing journey.

    All this will give him a sense of strength, of importance, an ego boost. This translates into him wanting to spend more time with you and therefor booking more dates.

    Men look for novelty and fun

    Let’s face it, when you’re with someone for over 10 years, flirting is a thing of the past, is not something you do, and so is noticing a sexy cleavage, a new perfume or having an unplanned, middle of the day quickie. Things tend to be more organized, more planned and un-surprising in a relationship, so it is natural for the partners to miss the sense of fun and excitement in their relationship, and this is why they go to you, dear escorts!

    They want you to bring back the naughty flirting, the dirty sex talk, the unexpected and the sense of novelty into their life. They don’t blame their partners for the predictability of their lives, because most often they see it as something that must occur in a stable relationship, so they turn to you to help them relax, to make them laugh, to make them flirt and to make them act like horny teenagers once again.

    And the great part in all that is that by going to a professional escort there’s little to no sense of cheating on their spouses.

    Men want no judgement when it comes to kinky sex

    Most men grow with the idea that some things must not be done with their partners, maybe because they think those sexual pleasures may be too kinky or dirty for their life partners or maybe because they feel embarrassed about having such thoughts or needs and are afraid of being judged for them.

    Here is where professional escorts step in with an open mind and wild imagination, ready to listen to their date’s fantasies and deepest erotic desires and eager to explore this side of their client’s sexuality. From soft BDSM to anal sex, rimming, outdoor sex or MILF fantasies, escorts must be willing to treat these erotic fantasies with a warm smile and a naughty look in their eyes.

    Men look for kindness and affection

    These are two of the things that are sometimes lacking in a relationship where the two partners know everything there is to know about each other. In a relationship we tend to be more critical, on a rush to check the next thing on the to do list and less emotionally available for the man next to us.

    As a highly experienced escort you are more than a great lover, you must also be an amazing listener, an empathic person, always ready to caress, to listen, to hug and even to offer a shoulder for him to cry on, to get rid of the negative emotions and stress. You may find that some dates are not about sex, or sex is left on the second place, because sometimes your clients are just hungry for affection and kindness.

    Keep in mind that if you want to take the next step into your escorting life and have more and more regulars, that will help you have a more stable life and income, you need to be more than a lover, you need to be an emotional support and a person not afraid of their own sexuality and of the sexuality of their dates.

    What other things you’ve discovered that men are looking for in an escort? We can’t wait to hear your stories and thoughts on this subject!

    Why are Romanian Escorts Popular in London and the UK?

    22nd Aug 2020

    1 - Their looks

    The main thing that makes Romanian escorts very popular is the fact that they are very attractive physically. The ladies have this unique look, this childlike innocence on their faces, which sets them apart from their counterparts. Their feminine beauty and features separate them from others. It is, therefore, effortless to tell that an escort is Romanian. They also have beautiful long hair that men find attractive, beautiful smiles and average height. Most of them have dark hair, and even those with blond hair have that unique Romanian factor.Romanian girls come in all shapes, weights, and heights. You can pick a girl of your choice, whether it is a flat or broad-chested, tall or short, and thick or slender that you dream about. Because Romanians hail from very cold environments, they have very fair skin that amplifies their beauty. The fact that they take outstanding care of themselves also helps.In addition to being naturally stunning, Romanian escorts are also very stylish. They have a sense of fashion that is bound to attract attention. They are well endowed, and they know how to display their blessings in a stylish and classy manner. They also know what to wear to turn men on and give them what they want. They do not look like ordinary escorts, hence the reason why they are worth every penny you pay for them. Their classy and stylish sense of fashion only enhances their sexiness.

    2 - They are smart

    In addition to their beauty, Romanian girls are also brilliant. A Romanian escort is the kind of a woman that you can have a meaningful conversation with. They beat the norm that escorts are dumb. Their smarts also make them very good flirts. They are also interestingly passionate and the kind of woman that you can talk to for hours without getting tired or bored. Their intelligence also makes them interested in other countries and their cultures. They like to learn about other countries and people; therefore, they rarely get bored with stories and conversations about topics that they are not familiar with. You can enjoy swapping stories about their home country and yours.

    3 -They are calm

    There is something extremely calm about Romanian beauties, from their facial expressions to their posture. They are always oozing in confidence and calmness. They rarely display any form of anger in their demeanour; hence you do not have to worry about dealing with a hot tempered babe.

    4 -They are good-natured

    As much as they are flirts and naughty, they are also incredibly good-natured. This feature makes them incredible, compassionate, and kind companions. However, their good nature does not make them close-minded. They are very carefree and open to a wide range of ideas; hence it is never a dull moment with a Romanian Queen. The ladies have a way to make you feel like you are the only person in the whole universe, special and wanted. They are also not arrogant at all, do not have awful attitudes, and they are often smiling. They are the kind of women with whom you can form a real friendship because of their good nature.

    5 - They are wild

    Romanian girls are wild and very sultry. Their wild nature makes them the best companions because they can fulfil even the wildest of your dreams. In addition to being wild, they are also very romantic and open to various activities, including role-playing.

    6 -They are always available

    You do not have to worry about missing the opportunity of getting a Romanian companion in London and other parts of the UK. The escort market is packed with beautiful and sultry Romanian babes for your pleasure. They do not mind travelling long distances providing escort services.

    7 - Their accent

    The Romanian accent is one of the most appealing and pleasant accents in the world. Most men find the accent very attractive. Their accent also helps to point out their physical advantages. Why hire an escort to play the sexy Romanian accent when you can have the real deal?

    8 -They are fit

    Another factor that makes Romanian women very attractive to men is that they are very physically fit. These women know how to take care of themselves, and they are genetically more fit than their counterparts as well. With Romanian girls, you can enjoy all your desires, especially those that require a lot of physical activity, stretchy, and lumbar actions.

    Incall vs outcall easily explained - Desire Escorts

    22nd Aug 2020

    When you are looking for a perfect escort – not only in London, of course – you will notice that you can choose between incall or outcall services. You might not know what differs one from another. However, this is a simple issue and quite self-explanatory. Nevertheless, there are some people that somehow do not easily grasp what’s the difference. There are also some aspects of both ways of meeting a sexy escort that it would be good to know before all that hassle. Basically, both have the same motive. Both can also be equally pleasing. Despite that not every professional escort agency or independent mistress offer both incall and outcall services. So let us see what exactly incall and outcall services means and what is usually involved in those cases. It is definitely better to familiarize yourself with the topic before you will ask an escort girl out for a date.

    What exactly are outcall services?

    So let’s suppose that there is that sexy vixens and you are already sweating to get to her as fast as you can but you find she only does outcall services. No need to panic. It simply means that this particular escort can meet with you in a place of your choice. Yes. It’s that simple. She can even come to your flat or apartment or a hotel that you’ve booked only for that occasion. However, as convenient as it may seem, outcall services have a few serious disadvantage. What can be bad about getting a mistress to your doors, you ask? You can’t believe there are things to worry about? If your neighbours are not snooping in your private life, you must be really happy than. However, not everybody is that lucky. Escorts are of course quite discreet and careful not to attract attention, but people talk.

    People have prying eyes and not always it is possible to keep meetings with a sexy lady a private thing. Also not all escorts agree to come to your house even though they do outcall services. Or maybe there are other reasons that you might not want to invite an escort on a date to your home? Whatever they may be – you think that a hotel will be suitable for you. Truly, it might be. But you must consider one thing – it will cost you. Usually hotel charges, booking a room and meeting with an escort lady in a hotel is more expensive than incall services. Of course, you might be among those who see this issues as mere trifles. You are a lucky guy in that case. Unfortunately, not everybody has your position. That’s of course no reason to despair. Meeting an escort using incall services will bring you no shame. But what exactly does that mean?

    What should you know about incall services?

    As you might have already guessed, if you are a client that want to use incall services, it is you who has to get to an escort. You can meet with that beautiful sexy kitten in a place that she will direct you to. That’s the thing to do. Not complicated, isn’t it?

    Of course, you will have to find her address. You will need to make some effort but there are advantages to it. One of the most important things is that you do not risk any information to slip to unwanted ears. You keep your residence hidden and you can be more anonymous. What is more, the escort will deal with all necessary preparations. She will have her place ready for you. After all, the escort will probably meet you in her workplace, whether it is a hotel or her apartment. You only have to remember to come to her on appointed hour or otherwise you risk meeting with her other admirers. What is more, you pay only for the girls’ services. Any additional payments – such as rent for the room – is not your concern. The costs of meeting an escort should be lower.

    What is better – incall or outcall?

    Frankly, there’s no better answer than – it depends. It might sound trite but that’s the only reasonable answer. There are compelling arguments for both and the most important thing is what you can afford and what you find more enjoyable. After all you are meeting with those girls to enjoy your time and have some terrific memories afterwards.

    How escort agencies advertise ?

    22nd Aug 2020

    Once an agency decides to hire an escort, she or he will provide photographs or pose for a photographer. These pictures are posted on the agency's website or circulated among clients to promote business.

    Some larger escort agencies maintain websites with photo galleries of their escorts. Clients contact agencies by telephone and offer a description of what kind of escorts are sought. The agency will then suggest an escort who might fit that client's need.

    The agency collects the client's contact information and calls the escort. Usually, to protect the identity of the escort and ensure effective communication with the client, the agency arranges the appointment. Sometimes, it may be up to the escort to contact the client directly to make arrangements for the location and time of an appointment. Generally, the escort is also expected to call the agency upon arrival at the location and upon leaving, to ensure the safety of the escort.

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