Desire Escorts is an escort agency operating in London & Greater London areas open 8 p.m - 5 a.m. We provide the most beautiful and professional escorts around due to a stupendous interest peak in Escorts. Desire Escorts are here to ensure that a top-tier companionship service is provided to all of our clients. Our escorts are the perfect companion for any man looking for a night to remember. Visit our blog to keep up to date with all the latest news regarding our companions.

Our prices start from £110 ( incall /independent escorts have their own price ) and we cater to a wide range of gentlemen in the surounding areas. Our team has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to escorts so if you give us a call our friendly, tactful and professional members of staff will discreetly guide you through your booking process and bring you a step closer to the woman of your dreams.

1. Do you use real pictures of the escorts?

Yes definitely! We only use real and accurate pictures of the escorts. We meet all the escorts before we put their pictures up on the site. Escorts do sometimes send pictures which are not of themselves. This used to be a lot more common. These days it is very rare. Read this article to learn about the due diligence procedures we go through to make sure only real pictures are used. Professional pictures from an escort photographer do come with some photoshopping. Again as long as it does not create a false impression, we will put those pictures up on the escort's profile.

2. Can I see unblurred or full face pictures of escorts that hide their face?

Many of the ladies that join Desire London escorts, require their face to be hidden. Either by blurring the eyes and nose or cutting the picture above the mouth. Sometimes the escort will have given permission for full face pictures to be available to regular clientele. This will be stated at the end of the escort's description on her profile page. If you have used the agency a few times and would like access to these pictures, then please send an email. If the escort you are enquiring about has given permission, we will give you access to her full face pictures.

3. What does it sometimes state "price on application"/POA on the escort's rate list?

There is a good reason why we need to use "price on application" or POA on an escort's rate list at times. This is because we sometimes have the situation where an escort who wants to join our agency, is also with other agencies. This is not a problem. But this escort maybe at other agencies at a certain high rate. She is willing to work for a lower rate. But she cannot join our agency with a discrepancy in rates between her profiles at the various agencies. In this situation, using "price on application" on the escort's rate profile, allows her to be available at a lower rate, without the other agencies complaining.

4. Can I book two escorts together?

Yes that is definitely possible. You can book two bisexual escorts for incall or outcall bookings. Some of the escorts would have worked together before. We try and place these ladies in the duo escorts section.

5. Can I see an escort who is listed as "outcall only" for an incall booking?

No, this is not possible. The only way you can book an "outcall only" escort for an incall booking, would be for you to book another escort for a duo booking. Then you can see the "outcall only" escort at the other escort's incall location with her in a duo booking. When an escort who can only do outcall, is able to get a location for incall bookings, then this will be noted on her escort profile page.

6. What details do you require for outcall bookings to a hotel?

When you make an outcall escort booking to your hotel, we will need the following:

A. Obviously the name of the hotel (with the phone number if possible, though we should be able to find the phone number ourselves)

B. The name you are checking in under.

C. What time you will be checking in. We require these details to confirm the booking.

Also these details let us make sure we are sending the escort to the right hotel. Once you have checked in, you can contact us with the room number.

7. How do I get access to the members area of Desire London escort agency?

If you had used Desire London escort agency a few times then you will be able to obtain access to the members area. Just email us and we will send you the login details. We do not always have escorts in this area. Most of the escorts we work with, are happy to be in the main gallery. .

8. If I have met an escort who would like to join Desire London escort agency, what should I tell them? .

Please direct them to our website. There they can find the escort jobs application form. Once they filled that in, they will be directed to email a few pictures of themselves. Of course any escort is free to call the agency to discuss joining too.

9. How can I send feedback on the booking I had with an escort from Desire London escort agency?

There is no section on the Desire London escort website for feedback. Feel free to email any feedback you have. Of course you can also text or even call to let us know how the booking went. Feedback is always appreciated.

10. What does a dinner date booking entail?

Dinner date bookings are set as a four hour booking. Two hours at dinner and two hours private time. This what the dinner date rates on the profiles of the escorts refer to. Of course you can ask for a shorter or longer time period. We will let you know the fee for your required dinner date duration. The dinner part can be before or after the private time. We usually require you meet the escort at your location at the start of the dinner date.

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    5* Larissa.Perfect Escort
    Made by Sam - 16th Feb 2019
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    A real pleasure. Anna is a beautiful women, inside and out. Whip smart, stunningly beautiful - more attractive than her photos - skillful, and tolerant of my failings. Go see her and treat her well. You will not be disappointed.
    Made by Kevin - 7th Feb 2019
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    I booked Lola and Lena from this agency and i was happy with meeting them.Very professional both of them.Thank you for kind service
    Made by Tom - 25th Jan 2019
    View Lola's Profile Page

    Lady was very good.
    Made by Gobbo - 12th Jan 2019
    View Stephanie's Profile Page

    I was a bit scared when i booked Sofia.Thought she was fake .When she came i was very happy,the girl is real.Recommend this escort and this agency.
    Made by Dean - 4th Jan 2019
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    Ever wondered where you can find London escorts?

    2nd Feb 2019

    Desire London Escorts Agency has a various range of escorts girls available .
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    Women who inspired feminine beauty at London Agency Escort

    2nd Feb 2019

    Feminine beauty was inspired by the most popular characters, but now we are speaking of the motivational meaning role of a woman. Because it is all about women, they are in charge.

    Behind every successful man is a woman more powerful alpha. Some of the most pleasant situations are when women are worshiped and adored. Maybe life is such a way that men appreciate what is happening behind them.

    With women, with a good company, a man can believe in the power of seduction and what makes them feel alive. An experience of a life is a moment spent in the company of the best models, even if they are called escorts. When you get in London after a long flight and you’re still uptight or stressed, you need someone to help you rinse your thoughts. That is why the best solution is offered to you by Desire London Agency Escort.


    2nd Feb 2019

    Finding the perfect photographer for any occasion is essential in order to receive the outstanding quality of images that you desire. Wedding photography, children photography, landscape photography, boudoir photography and escort photography all require a different set of techniques which is exactly why coshing the right photographer for your images is so important.

    Escort photographers and glamour photography studios in particular can be quite hard to find. The difference between glamour photography, boudoir photography and escort photography is relatively minor, each of which is intended to provide the audience with sensual images that highlights the many beautiful facets of the model.

    24×7 available escorts

    2nd Feb 2019

    Yet another get reason in the list that makes Escorts London or similar other professionals in the related industry in the area are their 24×7 availability. The clients may book and hire these wonderful professionals at any time of day or night across the week as per their specific needs. Due to ready availability of these ladies, these are admired so much by most clients.

    Customer satisfaction as major priority
    The escorts operating in London consider the customer satisfaction as their major priority. In fact, they make their best efforts and work in an excellent manner to keep their clients satisfied in all respects. Clients definitely admire such professionals that satisfy them fully well.

    There are innumerable qualities in escorts in London that make them so much admirable by most of their clients.

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