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Cora's Statistics
Height:5ft 7in - 170cm
Build:Slim / Petite
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Brown
Location:Marble Arch | W2 2LP

About Cora
Cora’s deep, dark, bedroom eyes, slender body and pert, beautiful breasts are enough to make hearts race . Stunning, sexy and skilled Cora knows just how to take some one on a ride to ecstasy. Bisexual, open minded, willing and eager are all the traits that make Cora the ultimate fantasy date. Perhaps you want to make your own personal film of her enjoying herself with dildos while dressed as a schoolgirl so that you can replay your time with her over and over again. Or, you might just want to get wild and party with her and even a female friend, exploring some of the desires you never thought could become reality. Cora knows how to please and, if you want, how to make you please her too. If you want a little of what Cora has to offer then we are beyond delighted to offer you the opportunity to meet her. Let us know what you like and how you like it and Fatima will make it happen for you.
Cora is available incalls in Mayfair, close to Green Park Station and available for outcalls to hotels only in Zone 1-2 ,Central London.


OWO extra 50
couples extra 150
RIMMINNG reciving
Party girl
WS giving
Uniform Police costume
Uniform French maid
Uniform Secretary
Uniform Schoolgirl
Latex outfit
Leather outfit
Face sitting
Filming with mask for extra 150
Smoking fetish
Prostate massage
Spanking giving
Light domination

Toys: strap-on all dimension ,vibrator, nipple clips, hand and leg cuffs, rope, gag ball, but plug, poppers ,wipe

All services are offered at the sole discretion of the escort.
Some of these services may occur an extra charge.
Taxi fees may apply depending on your location.

Cora's Rates
30 Mins150£-
1 Hour200£250£
90 Mins300£350£
2 Hours400£450£
Additional Hours200£200£
Dinner Date-650£

To book an appointment please call our Booking line:❤️ 07312403613 ❤️ | 07393482223 International :❤️+447312403613 ❤️+447393482223 --- Or to book an appointment you may like to use our online reservation form or e-mail us your interest. ---------------------------❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Incall Booking Policy -------------------------------------------------------------------- Incall bookings cannot be guaranteed if the client is more than 15 mins late. If the client informs us, we will attempt to hold their booking for a maximum of 30 mins. However, we cannot guarantee another booking will not be accepted during this time. All bookings start from the beginning of the time slot they have been booked, escorts cannot be expected to go over the time allocated.
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    Such a naughty petite hottie! We went slowly, first fondling and kissing, then undressing…

    Made by HotDave - 11th Aug 2020
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    Stunner!!! Perfect for PSE. Brought some toys to play with and one as a present to her. She was happy to use it in front of me and gave me a hot show.

    Made by TheJuicy - 10th Aug 2020
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    Stunning woman! We rushed into bed and started sucking and fucking. We paused for breath and some more oral.

    Made by Arthur - 9th Aug 2020
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    I was intrigued by her looks. Sofia is a Barby girl with black hair. Date was a perfect balance of GFE and PSE. Would repeat.

    Made by Emanuel - 4th Aug 2020
    View Sofia's Profile Page

    Really amazing better than most girls on all big agency’s Bella looks exactly like her pics she does charge extra for pretty much everything on the list but still great value for money on looks alone u can’t go wrong with £120. I usually don’t do outcall but desire is a real good honest agency from what I’ve seen so far. I will see maya next who also looks incredible
    Made by J - 3rd Aug 2020
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  • Blog

    Independent escort Vs Agency escort: who is better? | Desire Escorts Agency

    2nd Feb 2020

    If you are a seasoned client, you will be able to find the perfect escort for yourself. However, if you are a novice, it can be daunting and overwhelming to find an escort. You will not be familiar with the meaning of an independent and agency escort and it would make the entire process of booking an escort confusing.

    Understanding Independent vs Agency Escort
    An independent escort is an escort who works independently, without being associated with a company. The escort handles her own marketing and promotional activities, fields and screens clients and then accepts a booking. Most independent escorts spend a lot of time and money marketing themselves and finding the right clients. Of course, the internet has made it much easier, with escorts advertising online.

    If you go for an independent escort, you would have to search through classifieds and read tons of online reviews before you can find an escort, who fits into your requirement. You will not know if the escort is healthy and trustworthy. You would have to rely on your instincts and gut feeling.

    On the other hand, if you opt for an agency escort, you have nothing to worry about. The agency will vet the escort, so you know that she is reliable and discreet. Reputable agencies, such as Platinum X Cheap Escorts London, also train escorts so that they know how to carry themselves in a professional manner when they are with clients. Agency escorts have regular health checkups and are used to being in the company of wealthy and affluent men. Hence, they know how to carry themselves in different settings and situations.

    Agencies also cater to different areas, so you will be able to find an escort in your location with relative ease. Being with an agency escort offers peace of mind and it is very convenient. Agencies are discreet and maintain the utmost confidentiality. So, there is no risk of a third-party finding out anything. Even the escorts are trained to be discreet and maintain client confidentiality.

    The Cost Factor
    Agency escorts are cheaper to hire than agency escorts, as most agency escorts have to pay 30% of the payment to the agency. This is not the case with an independent escort, who keeps all the money for herself.

    However, reliable agencies like Platinum X escort, provide cheap escorts who ensure you have an unbelievable escort experience with them. So, the cost should not be the sole criterion to choose an escort.

    Agencies hold escorts and themselves accountable, but independent escorts do not. If you pay the independent escort in advance, she may not turn up for the appointment. This will not happen with an agency escort.

    The Bottom Line
    There are fine and gorgeous independent escorts who have earned a name for themselves with hard work and dedication. So, you can find independent escorts who can offer you a superior escort experience. However, opting for an agency escort offers convenience, reliability, and credibility – these are factors that you cannot compromise when you want to hire an escort. Most punters will recommend hiring an agency escort as you will get your money’s worth with such an escort.

    Having a Perfect Girl has Never Been Easier | Desire Escorts Agency

    2nd Feb 2020

    You are successful, handsome, and accomplished in every way. However, despite all that, you are still having trouble finding the right girl. A girl who is hot and who will delight everyone at first sight. The type of girls which you see next to super-rich people at those fancy millionaire parties. Don’t worry. You don’t have to be a millionaire to have one of those girls next to you. All you need is to seek at the right place – at
    Even though their company doesn’t cost much, escort girls are not like women that you can find in a strip club or a street late at night. Oh no, cause they are sophisticated, elegant, smart, incredibly sexy and adorable in every sense. In public, they look and behave like real ladies, so beautiful that will make all the other guys jealous at you for having such a girl by your side. However, when you two get alone in a bedroom, the lady can become whatever you want her to be. She is there to fulfill all your fantasies and dreams.
    you want to be her master? Fine. You want her to be your mistress? No problem. You want her to be your mate and play RPG Sex Games or Naruto Sex Games with you? Just say so. It’s your money, so it’s your call. All she expects from you is to relax and tell her whatever you want to do. No matter where in the UK you are located, in your area there is a perfect girl for you. At, you can first find a girl that you like by viewing her photos. When you find a few that you want the most (which will be a very heavy task, since all of them are absolutely adorable), you can then take a look at her preferences, offers, and prices. That way, you will know exactly what you are paying for, and there will be no unpleasant surprises.

    Once you enjoy the presence of one of the escort girls, you’ll realize that it is the best way you have ever spent your money. With these girls, there is no disappointment, no pressure, no need for trying to leave an impression, no adapting to her needs and what she wants… With escort girls, those beautiful, sexy, amazing young women, it is all about you. You will feel like a king. Like a rock star. Like the best lover in the world. Like you have never been with a woman before. Therefore, don’t hesitate. Select one of these beautiful ladies right now and do something good for yourself. Boost your male confidence and make yourself a memory that you will never forget. Escort girls are waiting for you, and they want to make you happy.

    Best Places for Deep Tissue Massage Service in London | Desire Escorts Agency

    2nd Feb 2020

    Massaging is actually magic to the body as it has many health benefits associated with it. The benefits of full body massage are something that has to be experienced because it can be explained completely in detail. Everyone is now investing time for massage as it is the only thing that is capable of keeping our mind and body at a good pace. Yoga can be accounted for as a massage for the mind, while the actual body massages have benefits over benefits regarding the fitness of the body as well as mind.

    Deep tissue massage is one technique among various massaging techniques that give the actual satisfaction of massaging. As far as London is concerned, there are many places where you can get engaged in massage service. But the thing is that, before knowing the places where deep tissue massage is available, you should know what exactly a deep tissue massage is and its details.

    deep tissue massage
    What is a deep tissue massage?
    Deep tissue massage is a technique that is used to treat those musculoskeletal issues like strains or sports injuries. Actually, deep tissue massage is used for treatment purposes; it can be used for full body massage also. It targets the inner muscle layers and consecutive tissues by the slow and sustained pressure application. The skill of a massager is of great influence when it comes to deep tissue massage. It is also a great cure for high blood pressure and for muscle cracks or strains.

    Overcoming Shyness With Escorts | Desire Escorts Agency

    2nd Feb 2020

    One thing that many do not know about escort services is that many of the clients are really shy. This is especially the case when referring to high-class escort services. In fact, many of the clients choose escorts because they are really shy. Everything boils down to self-confidence and why it was ruined in the past.

    Fearing Rejection
    Most men are not confident. They are actually really shy and they fear being rejected. This can easily be embarrassing, even when extremely confident. The reaction is completely normal but with an escort, you do not have to fear being rejected.

    The relationship between the client and the escort is already established when discussing the meeting. You talk to the girl that you want to come to you or to an event and you will not be rejected. This makes the entire experience much more enjoyable since fear is removed from the equation.

    A highly underrated aspect when hiring an escort is the fact that the girl you will spend time with is very experienced when it comes to communication. Escorts know how to talk to shy people. You simply cannot talk in the exact same way as you would with someone that is confident.

    A huge advantage of hiring escorts is that the girl knows what to do to take you out of your shell. This practically means that you do not have to worry about coming up with conversation topics and you do not need to worry about the fact that you do not actually know how to talk to women.

    Building Up Confidence
    Escorts are open women. They want to hear you talk and they want to help you deal with the problems that you have. If you are not confident around women, talking to a very confident woman that accepts you exactly as you are can help so much more than what you initially think.

    You need to be aware of the fact that confidence is built. You are not born with it. Due to how society is and how people love to put you down, it is easy to end up being very shy simply because of how people react around you. With escorts, this is not something to worry about. You can ask questions and be sure that you get answers. This is very important in building confidence.

    Another thing that needs to be mentioned about escorts is that they can directly help you to build confidence by teaching you various different things about women. So many men are shy because they do not know what women like and how to act around them. Escorts can teach you what to do in just a few sessions.

    Final Thoughts
    On the whole, hiring an escort is actually one of the best ways to overcome shyness. You meet really beautiful and sexy women that will interact with you and will tell you what you do wrong. Do not trust men when it comes to confidence and how to talk to women. Confident women are the best possible teachers.

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